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We asssign  a Law Society Lexcel accredited consultant to you who assessses your current level of compliance, followed by the implementation of a clear step by step corrective action plan to ensure that you attain Lexcel accreditation with the minimum of fuss but with the highest levels of compliance and Long-term benefits to your operation. Please click here for more information...

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Lexcel Accreditation

We understand that most firms cannot afford to spend vast amounts of valuable fee earning time on figuring out and then implementing  COLP / COFA systems to meet their regulatory obligations. That is why we use templates and systems endorsed by the Law Society’s Risk and Compliance Service which bear the Law Society Logo alongside our own bespoke systems to help you to meet all your COLP COFA obligations with the minimum of fuss and the minimum of effort while ensuring a high level of compliance. Click here for more information.

Specialist Quality Mark Standard

We have helped many clients increase their turnover and profits, while at the same time reducing their costs and their staff tunover. We provide strategic advice on all apects of business and management, including: Marketing, Finance, IT, Business process re-engineering, data protection, risk management, diversity, staff motivation and all aspects of Human Resource Management including, discipline, hiring, firing, promotion, rewards, performance related pay, bonuses etc., and we even help our clients to recruit both legal and management staff, including drafting and placing adverts, interviewing staff and negotiating remuneration packages.

Business Consultancy / HR

We have lots of experience in helping our clients prepare for SRA visits of all kinds, from monitoring visits to SRA investigations and we will help ensure that you are made aware of the relevant regulatory framework and your obligations under it. We will then help you to  provide the SRA with the information they need in the shortest possible time and with the minimum disruption to your firm and help you carry out any necessary corrective action.

Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA)  Visits

In response to our clients demands for a practical non-theoretical training course which gives all supervisors, management staff and partners the real life practical mangement tools they need to do their jobs effectively and achieve immediate yet sustainable results, we have developed a 3 hour management course which has been very well recieved. It is titled "Efffective Supervision and Management for Legal Supervisors". Please contact us to arrange an in-house training session for your firm today and see the difference between a theoretocal and practical management training course with real life applications to the real every day situations and problems that you face in running your practice and have been trying to overcome.


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Legal Aid Agency Tenders / Bids

During all of theLAA's tender exercises over the past several years we have carried out hundreds of tenders spanning all of the broad contract categories for our clients with remarkable success. Mr Duru our lead tenderer was formerly a senior member of the LAA's senior management team and as Civil Contracts manager and Criminal Defence Services  manager respectively, he actually granted contracts himself. This is why our experience in this area is second to none and why we can help you achieve the best possible tender outcomes. Mr Duru personally goes over every tender and gives his seal of approval before it is submitted to the LAA. Please click here for more information

COLP COFA Services

Tel: 0203 556 9988

Email: [email protected]

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Duru Management Consultancy Ltd. Registered Office is at 94 Holland Road, London, E6 2EP. Company Reg. No. 06865986. VAT Reg. No. 993 9366 51. A list of the company's Directors is displayed at the registered office address.


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